Saturday, February 18, 2006


Also, on the train in to work, I noticed this silly (meaning stupid) piece of human behavior. Each car has four doors-two on each side and each door adjacent to one of the other side's doors. One of the adjacent sets was unable to open for one reason or another. And it really was the most amusing of sites to watch people riding the train for 15 minutes and going through 8 or 9 stops all with these doors not opening. And then, when their stop came they stood in front of those doors as if they would
magically open only for them. When the doors ignored the magician (which was always) there was frantic pulling and pushing and swearing and general rash annoyance until they missed their stop entirely instead of walking ten yards to the other set of doors that had been functioning the whole time. And this happened a handful of times. Ah, people. You gotta love 'em...or feel sorry for them.


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