Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Furry Family Member

For those of you not in Chicago, let me recap for you a major news break.

Bart, a German Shepherd police dog, was returned to his owner after two days on the lam. Wonderful! Heartfelt! It's got Disney feature film written all over it. We all love animals and animals who help people, like police dogs, have that little something extra behind them.

So, here's the thing. Can we please, as a whole united world media, stop using these kind of opening paragraph descriptions:

"He loves to play catch. He walks on four legs, is covered in fur, and, oh yeah, he's a cop."
"Woman says ball of hair was part of the family."

Why? An attempt to be "silly" or a clever journalistic skill used to get us to believe there are werewolves among us if only to pull the rug out and expose a "real" scenario? Does that really heighten the drama or leave you with a fulfilling belly laugh? And can we all agree that pets are loved by people? Great, now let's all just agree to say, "Police Dog Lost".


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