Monday, February 13, 2006

Super Bowl XL Sob, Sob, Sob. Sniff.

Last night, I caught the first viewing of the NFL films slightly melodramatic highlight documentary on Super Bowl XL. I cried. Granted it was 3:30 in the morning, and I was loopy from the sleeping pills I'd taken, but still. I cried. I cried for Coach Cowher who got the big win he needed so bad. I cried for Jerome Bettis getting a chance to go out on top. I cried for Duce Staley who a year ago was the featured back for the Steelers, only to watch everyone else on the depth chart steadily replace him.

I even cried a little bit for Seahawks fans, who rightfully felt robbed of a chance to win the game. I cried for Dusty and Cory and John, and anyone else I know from Seattle who actually care about football. But mostly, I cried for myself.

I have to say this, though. After watching the slow motion versions of the infamous holding and offensive pass interference calls, I have to say they were both borderline- it's not a stretch to say either were penalties. If I were a ref, would I have called them? Absolutely. I mean, that's the Steelers playing. But if I were a non-biased ref, I probably would have let the holding one go.

I'm actually glad there's all this controversy. It'll give the Steelers an excuse to play that "we don't get no respect, even though we are the champs" card next year.


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