Thursday, February 23, 2006

To Any Nebraskans Who Might Have Won The Powerball (Yes, All Eight Of You),

First of all, congratulations on your Powerball winnings! I realize that, what with splitting the winnings, none of you have the entire 365 million dollars (a million for every day of the calendar) and you're all left with a mere 22.1 million. But, I beg you to see that this is more than most people have and that puts you in a new position. Sure, go ahead and retire from ever working and give some to your family. Who wouldn't? But, after that, don't drown yourself in cars and houses and boats and parties and butlers and caviar. Take a lap in the vat of money and then, instead of vanishing from the world in a solid gold hummer, I challenge you to do something to actually better the world.

Raise 1,000 orphans
Donate to cancer or AIDS research
Send a couple of food-loaded cargo planes to disadvantaged countries
Fund some space research (who doesn't like space?)
Fund some wildlife parks (who doesn't like trees?)
Send 1,000s of kids to college (who doesn't like the future?)

Do something worthwile for pete's sake! You've got 22.1 million dollars! That's more than entire countries have! It's possible to be a millionaire forever and still be generous. And if the above ideas are too grandiose, there's 22.1 million other things to do to help people. Like:

On rainy days, buy everyone on the street an umbrella
Create a twenty dollars for a quarter day
Take an elementary school on a field trip to the center of the earth

Seriously, if you make an attempt to make a difference you will be remembered with a smile instead of joining the ranks of past lottery winners who took their money and abandoned the world.


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