Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Brown Recluse

Last night, our room mate showed us pictures of a man who was bitten on the thumb by a brown recluse spider, the most poisonous of spiders in North America. It's pretty nasty stuff. The venom is acidic and eventually eats through your skin. Where are they? Oh, only everywhere throughout the south central and mid-western United States. And they're only the size of a quarter. What sadistic urge drives them to sink their fangs into any ol' hand, no matter how innocently or accidentally it was placed before them? Probably the same split second reaction that sends us pawing for a shoe and squishing a spider the second we glance one, whether it's poisonous or not.

What can we do to keep our thumbs safe from brown recluse spiders? Stay away from brown recluse spiders. The same method of prevention can be applied to smashing your thumb in a car door. Don't put your thumb in between your car and the car door as you're shutting it. Of course, life is full of those little accidents where your thumb's caught unaware, whether it be in a car door or in front of a brown recluse. That's life for you. I suppose it's just as nonsensical to think you're going to be bit by a brown recluse as it is to think you're going to break your hand every time you exit your car. We've got live each day is if our thumbs could go on unbitten and unsmashed forever. CARPE DIEM!!!!!


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