Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dylan Thomas He's Not

As you may have heard, Saddam Hussein took to reading poetry in court, as he was presented with evidence that he had 12-year olds executed.

I've obtained exclusive copies of Saddam's poetry, one of which I present to you now.

If Only Our Mothers Were Sally Carruthers
by Saddam Hussein

If only our mothers were Sally Carruthers
We'd surely be getting on better with others

And then we'd have brothers
They, too named Carruthers
To help us with lawn work
And loan us their putters.

Oh for that tie that binds
rather than smothers
Our family tree painted with leaves of Carruthers!

Our boats with their rudders
So true and aligned
By Nelson Carruthers
Our uncle designed.

With hands on the udders
The triplets Carruthers
Milk cows on our farm to make various butters.

Alas it's not so
But in dreams it remains
Carruthers by night
By day just Hussein.


Anonymous Sally Carruthers said...

I thought it was good and I quite agree that the world would be better if all were like me!

With love

Sally Carruthers, Lancaster, England.

4:43 AM  

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