Thursday, July 20, 2006

G8 Summit

President Bush met with other world leaders in Saint Petersburg, Russia for the annual G-8 conference not too long ago. Big topic: Israel, Lebanon, and Hezbollah. At the end of the summit, they had concluded that "the violence was triggered by the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah guerillas in a raid from Lebanon and by Hamas' rocket attacks in Gaza and the abduction of a third Israeli soldier." And, while I'm sure it's important for these guys to get together and chat, their conclusion of this week had already been reached a week ago by every major media source and every Dick, Jane, Sue, Ted, Bill, Sarah, Tim, Tina, and Ike. Good work fellas!

Other conclusions the G8 leaders have come to:
Explosions on train in Bombay were due to bombs detonated by someone who was angry.
Cigarettes can be linked to lung cancer.
Siberia gets colder in the winter. Other places (Antarctica, Minnesota) have similar outcomes.
Regarding Hitler-"Could have been nicer."
If you're looking for a half-man/half-mosquito movie, Mansquito is a safe bet.


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