Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tardiculus Rex

There was a cubs game last night, which meant I had to park about a mile away from io. Fine, no biggie, I do it all the time. (miles walked: 1) I worked my solid, gleeful eight hours, then made the hike back to my automobile (miles walked: 2). When I got there, I realized I forgot my keys, so I walked back to iO (miles walked: 3). My keys were nowhere to be found. I scoured the place. Then I figured I must have dropped them on the walk from my car, so I walked back up to my car (miles walked: 3), didn't find them, so I walked down the other side of the street back to io (miles walked: 4). I spent two more hours looking for my keys before I gave up hope. That left me with a car stuck on a major street during a cubs game with a one in two chance it would be towed before morning. I decided I had to find out for sure, so I walked back up to the car (miles walked: 5), saw it was not in a tow zone until street cleaning a week from yesterday, walked back to io (miles walked: 6), and tried to hail a cab. Then I realized I didn't have any cash, so it was off to the chase machine, which just so happens to be in the el stop (miles walked: 6.3). That ATM was out of order, so I tried to buy an el pass with a card (no dice), so I had to walk to the nearest chase machine (i can't justify paying five bucks to get my own money out of the bank), which was, you guessed it, a mile away (miles walked: 7.3). When I got back to iO to grab my things, i figured, to hell with it, i'll just take the el back (miles walked: 7.6), and made it home a sound four hours after I finished work (total miles walked: 7.9).

There's a happy ending, though. I called a couple of locksmiths, who all said it would be about $200 to get a key reverse-engineered, when my mom had the brilliant suggestion of calling Saturn. Saturn, the company that loves to love me, said "That'll be six dollars, please".

There's a sad ending, though. The Saturn dealership is ten miles from iO. Total distance walked in two days: 27.9.


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