Thursday, September 14, 2006

They say...

...a man can not have too many blogs.

I tend to agree.

Today I'm announcing my fifth or sixth or seventh blog, depending on how you keep track. It's a luscious, sketch comedy star-laden journey into the strange world of sports we like to call:

Sports On Computer! Dot Com!

The staff is pretty much a who's who of sketch comedians who like sports, and is populated as follows:

• Me and Shane Portman (Chicago's reclusive Animal Club)
• Geoff Haggerty (NYC's incomparable Elephant Larry, currently playing at the PIT)
• Jason Durge (LA's mega-stars-in-the-making Troop!, currently playing at UCB LA)
• Cory Neely (Seattle's litterally groundbreaking Flaming Box of Stuff, who have sadly broken up)
• Dusty Warren (Also of FBoS, currently touring his one-man show All-American Push-Up Party)
• Will Nunziata (NYC's brilliant, hyper-political The Royal We)

There's a whole other section of the site that'll eventually go up- with formal articles written by some Chicago comedians you might actually recognize. So. Are you one of the seven comedians in Chicago who like sports? Are you one of the four of those seven who know how to use a computer? Then Sports On Computer is the website for you.

End Plug.


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