Monday, November 28, 2005

Are YOU ready for some football?

I'm changing the inflection of that good old Hank Williams song, if only to ask, with all sincerity, if YOU, gentle blog viewer, are in fact, ready for some football.

Now THAT was great over-usage of the comma.

Those that ARE ready for some football can meet the Animal Club, and our Naked Friend John La FlamBoy, his girlfriend Theresa, our favorite costume maven Vicki, and the ever-present Dalla and Ean at the Dark Horse in Wriggleyville for HOT Steelers vs. Colts action.

Those that are most definitely NOT ready for some football may wish to get pumped up in order TO be ready for some football. Here are a few articles about FOOTBALL that are SURE to get YOU READY for some FOOTBALL!!!

Wikipedia entry on American Football
google results for "football is awesome"


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