Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Avian Prevention

Today, Vietnam confirmed it's 42nd death caused by bird flu, raising the toll in 65 in Asia. China is trying to make a cheaper bird-flu drug to make available for the nation. Asia is in a panic now.

Here's my question. If drugs like Tamiflu are in existence to fight this flu, shouldn't their manufacturers be mass distributing to nations all over the world in the wake of this worldwide epidemic? It makes sense to be ahead of an influenza attack. In fact, Roche (Makers of Tamiflu) and other friendly drug manufacturers who manufacture these few working drugs, should be giving out their recipes to other drug manufacturers and I'm not talking about selling. I'm saying giving. Why? Because there's a possible worldwide epidemic on the rise. It makes sense in my book. Tamiflu should be as easy to get as Tylenol and in countries in Asia, or anywhere else getting hit hard already, should be giving this stuff out for Halloween or for anything really. It's an epidemic, FOR SHIT'S SAKE!! People deserved to be helped. Money shouldn't be an issue here. Really, if you need more reason than that (like a monetary reason, for instance), look no further than the fact that no one's going to be able to purchase any drugs if we all die of bird flu. Simple. Easy. Awesome. Now, give us all some Tamiflu!


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