Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Get To Still Be Ready For Some Football!

The stars aligned, the salt was tossed over the shoulder, hell froze over and the Steelers beat the Colts on Sunday! I was so thoroughly destroyed by Saturday night's sketchfest festivities (which didn't end until 10:00 AM, a mere two hours before kick off), that I slept through the first half and missed a dominating performance by my Men In Black.

When i groggily opened my laptop Sunday afternoon and saw the score, I ran downstairs to throw on the game, and took in another quarter of good defense and opportunistic offense, watching my boys stake out a 21-3 lead.

Then shit got weird. For chronological reference, I will include the text messages between me and Geoff at the time they were transmitted.

Peyton Manning sends his punt team off the field and goes for it on fourth and two. They convert and hit for a big TD one play later. 21-10. The Steelers run six minutes off the clock by going for it on fourth-and-one twice. Craziness.

Manning's got the ball again. Uh oh. He's throwing good, the Steelers are leaving the middle of the field open, and I can feel the game slipping away until INTERCEPTION!!!! Troy Polamalu makes a great play, Steelers ball, and we're up by 11 with 5 minutes to go.

But wait. Dungy threw the red flag. Desperation move, right? There's no way they're going to overturn this...

"The call on the field is overruled. Incomplete pass. Indianapolis retains possession."

Message From Geoff: "Ridiculous. Clearly and Interception"

Peyton rips up the Steelers D over the next six plays and Eggerin James goes in from the 1.

Message To Geoff: "If we lose the game because of that..."

Colts go for two. Make it. 21-18.

Steelers get the ball, can't get a first down. Colts ball. Two and a half to go. You've got to be kidding me.

Porter sacks Peyton Manning on third down, forcing 4th and 18 from their own 3.

Porter and Farrior combine to sack Manning. Steelers ball on the 1. 2:10 on the clock.

Message From Geoff: "Congrats!"

I start typing my replay: "Ahhh-

Bettis fumbles, Colts return to midfield. Man in Pittsburgh (not me) has a heart attack.

I finish my reply: "...WHAT?!"

Colts move into scoring position. Vanderjagt lines up to kick the tying field goal.

Message from Geoff: "RIDICULOUS! Sorry I jinxed it"

Vanderjagt badly misses field goal.

Message to Geoff: "That was...exhausting."

Message from Geoff: "I can't imagine. Congrats for real this time."

So I live to be a fan another day, although that heart attack story has me wondering if I should watch. For obvious reasons.


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