Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sketchfest week 2

I don't think I can go into too much detail. Several laws were broken. Rules spoken and not went out the window. There was nudity involved. Shortly followed by Dunkin Donuts. Shall I elaborate? No. You'll just have to go to a sketchfest and see for yourself. Bring your cigarettes. Lose the inhibitions, and check your desire to riff at the door.

Props galore to troop!, the third floor, team submarine, and slow children at play for rocking my brain six ways from sunday. there were lots of other good shows, too, but i'm lazy and tired so i'm not going to go through the trouble of digging up links. Just know that what was seen was enjoyed, and what happened after was the stuff of novelized versions of summer blockbusters.

When's the next sketchfest, you ask? I think it's in June in NYC. If you want us to do a sketchfest in YOUR hometown, you're shit out of luck. Sorry!


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