Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Animal Club Turns 110

Our MySpace page has just collected our 110th friend. Frankly, I have nothing to do with the MySpace account; Tornetta more or less runs that with Shane. And maybe Ruth? I don't know. Anyway, we've got a hundred and ten friends, and here are some of my favorites:

• Cities: Only Pittsburgh and Chicago so far. If I cared about our MySpace page, which I don't, I'd try to get more cities. Like Nashville. And Gainseville. And Johnsville.
• Famous People: There's only one Stevie Nicks. And one Brian Posehn. And one Beulah. And we're friends with them, which means we can crash at their places when we're on the road, right? "Stevie, it's the Animal Club. You know, from MySpace? Yeah, we're going to be in Wherever You're From, and we need a place to stay. MySpace. It's a thing on the internet." I still don't care about our our MySpace page.
• Arrested Development Characters: Steve Holt, Tobias, even Franklin are our friends. Crashing with them will be tougher, though, because when their show gets cancelled, their world will disappear. This is why I really hate our MySpace page; it's powerless to stop Fox from canceling Arrested Development...
• Save Arrested Development: One of our friends on our MySpace page, which I don't care about, is Save Arrested Development. If it works, I might care about our MySpace page, but I doubt it.

Even though I obviously don't care about our MySpace page, you can still go there and become our friend. I don't care. About our MySpace page.


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