Monday, November 28, 2005

SkyMall, part 1

On the flight back from Pittsburgh, I spent most of my time gawking at the SkyMall catalogue. Anyone who's ever flown is familiar with it, and like me, probably noticed that it hasn't really changed in seven years. Since we were stuck in a holding pattern over O'Hare for about an hour, I got intimately familiar with the catalogue, and a couple of products struck me as amusing. I'll be posting them from time to time, and to get us started, I've got this wonderful piece of product, The Dog e-Tag.

This digital identification tag does what no analogue dog tag can do- run out of batteries. Are you tired of just having your dog's name and your phone number on their tag? Well now, you can program the tag to tell the guy who finds your lost dog how big of a schmuck you are for spending $40 on a dog tag. The item is proclaimed as "The World's Only Digital Dog Tag"- there's a reason for that. You might want to think twice before announcing to the world "We're the only company dumb enough to think this was a good idea". Finally, the description of the tag suggests you program something fun into it, like "Rub My Ears" or "I don't see well", claiming that such information will get the dog back to you faster, reducing stress on you and your dog. Somehow I think trying to navigate 40 lines of information with pointless gobbleygook like "I don't like riding in cars that much" would take more time, not less, than looking at a tag, reading a phone number and calling it. But, hey! It's DIGITAL! It's CUTTING EDGE! Therefore, it's in the SkyMall catalogue.

This is but a taste of the pleasure an in-depth reading of the SkyMall catalogue can bring. For more, stay tuned, and you can request your own perfect-bound book of fun here.


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That's funny.

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