Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Time Well Spent

Lately, I've been totally distracted from daily life by a little game called NCAA Football 2004. Balzer picked it up for all of $4 and it's easily the best pick-up of 2005 for our household. Get this, you can create your own team (Like our alma mater Point Park University), pick a conference for it (Like the Big Ten), and stock it with your friends (like Ross Donaldson, Joe Stile, Bethany Paxson, and all the Animal Club). Then, you win Heismans. You win national championships. You play four years, all the while each graduating class has a chance to get drafted to the NFL! Can you believe it?!! You can sync the game up with Madden 2004 and actually get drafted where you can win Rookie of the Year trophies, conference titles, MVP awards, and Super Bowls!!! Balzer and I are both up for the Heisman this year (Baz, a junior PPU QB and me, a freshman PPU HB). Point Park has gone from a preseason ranking of 91st in the nation to the #14 slot in the three games we've played thus far (all three teams being in the nation's top five and all three losing by a margin way above 70 points).

What a wonderful world we're living in!!! It's an alternate universe where Ohio State scouted and signed my entire former high school football team. University of Pitt signed Balzer's hockey team. Arizona signed Ruth's cheerleading team. And Army's squad is all former generals or GI Joes (some current GI Joes even). It's a world where Alonzo Einstein and Dolph Lundgren Jr. both have a chance of making All-American. In fact, if we know you even slightly or have come upon your name in some way over our lifetimes, it's safe to say that you're probably on a team and have just as good a chance as any of the thousands of other players at making it pro. And come draft time, the gender barrier will most certainly fall in the NFL as women like PPU's Chris Ann Howell are highly touted prospects.

WOW! Who says video games are a waste of time? Someone who's not on an NCAA 2004 football team-that's who! Oh, and assholes!


Blogger baz said...

i totally second this- i love, love, love playing this game and hate, hate, hate everything else.

i think we'll be keeping our faithful blog readers up-to-date on the comings and goings of their NCAA football playing selves.

for example, did you know that Ross Donaldson was NCAA defensive player of the week for his three interception performance at Kansas State? He even made the cover of sports illustrated (easily my favorite feature in the game).

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