Thursday, December 01, 2005

Honesty-The Best Policy?

A cab driver in Los Angeles was recently rewarded for his honesty. Haider Sediqi returned $350,000 in diamonds to a passenger. The passenger, who just so happened to be a jeweler (hence the ridiculous sack of diamonds), sent Mr. Sediqi a $10,000 check and a diamond bracelet.

In other news, Hiram Bingham took nearly 5,000 Incan artifacts from Machu Picchu, Peru back in 1911, 1912, and 1914. Now, Peru is suing Yale University on Mr. Bingham's behalf for the return of their stolen goods.

Honesty, in the short and long run, seems to work. It's like McGruff the Crime Dog once crooned:
Winners never cheat.
And losers never win.
So don't use drugs.
Don't use drugs.

The drug part is up for debate, but who can argue with that first verse?


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