Monday, July 24, 2006

Got Me Some Spam

I got some spam in my inbox today, not unlike any other day or any other person for that matter. But, there was one that caught my eye:
Get A Super Mutant Dick
I almost deleted it, but stopped short. What kind of super mutant dick? It was all so non-specific and even in the body of the email I could find no answers. Some mutant powers would be great for your dick. I, for one, would love my dick to have esp and perhaps even some telekinetic powers. The power of flight would also be great for my dick. I, however, would be uncomfortable if my dick had shapeshifting powers. It'd be amusing for a bit probably, but the third or fourth time my dick turned into a rabid squirrel, I think I'd be annoyed. And what about if your dick could just disappear altogether? I wouldn't want an invisible dick.
So, I'm going to delete the email and wait for a more specific super mutant dick offer.


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