Friday, July 28, 2006

What a bust...

Damnit. When someone says Tornado Warming, they better mean there's a tornado outside. I got all fired up to be a part of history- a tornado bearing down on wrigley field during the cubs-cards series. How awesome would that have been? And by awesome, I mean catastrophic.

But yeah, it didn't even rain. The sky looked nice and green and menacing, then nothing. Not even a rumble of thunder. Boo!


Anonymous aleeseeah bridges said...

I believe you make history everytime you go to Wrigley Field. I mean, really, what is one lousy little tornado compared to the thousands of die-hard Cub fans all over the world who have an ending reserve of hope and faith.

If we go to the games, the Cubs will win. I think they can, I think they can, I think they can...

1:50 AM  

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