Thursday, August 28, 2008

Epic Fail

Dave Freeman, the author of "100 Things To Do Before You Die", a travel book listing places to see in your lifetime, died today.

"Freeman's relatives said he visited about half the places on his list before he died"

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Visa...It's Everywhere...


Michael Phelps just broke the record for most career Olympic gold medals five minutes ago.


Visa just aired a commercial congratulating Michael Phelps for breaking the record for most career Olympic gold medals three minutes ago.

Morgan Freeman provided the voice over.

Yes, the 21st century has arrived.

It is possible that the 21st century arrived previously. But, this is the first Visa commercial that proved it for me.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Animal Club Nostalgia: Chinatown

I was just reminded, somehow, of a truly great moment in Animal Club history. We were in San Francisco for their sketchfest, maybe in 2005 or something like that. During an off-day, we made like tourists and did all the things tourists do in San Francisco; Cable cars, Alcatraz, Rice-A-Roni jokes, Eddie Izzard quotes, Fisherman's Wharf and finally, glorious Chinatown. While perusing wares in an exceptionally shady shop, Shane and I took a moment to take in the music. Decidedly Pan-Asian in nature, the verse was an incomprehensible smatter of foreign language in a standard 1-4-5 pop arrangement. The chorus, however, was entirely in English. And these, verbatim, are the lyrics:

"Don't mess around with me
I'm on a winning spree
Don't mess around with me
I'm on a winning spree"

Then, much as you from this post to your regular life, the singer returned to what I presume to be her native tongue.

This is the manner of thing I cling to when comparing my life to those of the engineers, doctors, lawyers and computer programmers I went to high school with.

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