Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lying Asshat

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Plugs! Plugs for Friends!

A bunch of my sketch friends are involved in a really great project headed up by the JibJab people; it's a contest where groups wrote pieces set in a jail and then went out to LA to film them with John Landis of Animal House fame, and is dubbed The Great Sketch Experiment. I'd be remiss if I showed any kind of favoritism here, so I'll just list them in random order:

"Tall Cop/Short Cop" by Elephant Larry

"So You Wanna Be A Cop" by Karla featuring members of Brick and Troop!

"Tom and Tina" by Train of Thought

Monday, October 23, 2006

Faith Restored

There's a crew of AT&T linemen working out behind iO right now, and they've just reaffirmed my belief in blue-collarism. An overheard conversion, verbatim to wit:

WORKER 1: So they got you doin' stuff again?

WORKER 2: Fuckin' yeah. And fucking' up here fuckin' working wires and fuckin'.

WORKER: 1: Oh yeah?

WORKER 2: Fuck yeah. Fuckin'.

AT&T. Fuckin' reach out and touch someone, you fuck.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Score 1 4 U Tube

Pavement ruins Goldie Hawn's visit on Space Ghost Coast To Coast, circa 1996:

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Great Headline, Great Article

Semi-famous actress dumps on the 'Burgh. The semi-famous actress in question was Sienna Miller who I contend is more than semi-famous. She's actually famous. Nora Dunn is someone I'd describe as semi-famous actress. Or Skee-Lo, if we were talking about semi-famous rappers.

I know us simple Pittsburghers (former, even) can't compete with the Londons and New Yorks of the world, but we do have the most cole-slaw and french-fry filled sandwiches in the world.

Related: The corpse of Fred Rogers rose from the grave, and exposed his bare ass in Sienna Miller's general direction. On it were the words: "Don't Tread On Pittsburgh".

Also Related: The corpse of Andy Warhol rose from the grave, and exposed his bare ass in The Corpse Of Fred Rogers' general direction. On it were the words: "She's right, you know."

Video of Robotic Arm Caressing Chia Head

No Shit.

via Slashdot

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bad Video-off!

What's the worse combination of sights and sounds? YOU be the judge!

The Contender: "Shine A Little Love" by Electric Light Orchestra

The Champion: "Separate Ways" by Journey

Monday, October 02, 2006

Ho Hum

This "write post window" has been open for four hours. Seems I can't really come up with much to say. Hmmm. I guess I could tell you what Animal Club has been up to. Let's do that.

Animal Club went on a hiatus after the New York Sketchfest in June. We've been going at it for six years now, and some time off was desperately needed. We've been writing new stuff during that time, so it's not like we stopped working, we just stopped reaping the benefits of working. We've got a nice batch of new material that we'll be trying out when we wake up. We're taking out time with it because we think we have to at this point; after three years of touring and writing and performing and producing, we've kind of hit a point where we need to make a real impact with our next show. So that's that. In the meantime, we've been "hired" as "writers" for a project we're not really allowed to talk about. It's a nice affirmation, but we don't know what benefits it'll pay beyond that. As soon as we're allowed to talk about it, you'll know. Ruth is moving on to different pastures, having spent the past six months touring with McDonald's, and she's gotten more offers while on tour. Obviously we wish her the best.

Personally, I've taken up residence at iO as the director of media development and booking shows and shit like that. It keeps me very busy, but now I'm officially employed full time in showbiz, so there's that.

Tom keeps on trucking, Mike keeps on fucking, and Shane lives by himself. All in all, it's a good time to an AC member. But it's not a good time to be a blogger. Wonder why that is?

Anyway, I hope all of you are caught up now, and we'll let you know when we decide to start performing again.